they live for me

Searching for our own identity is a continuous process that starts from a simple question - "who am I?" - which becomes blurred by the infinity of answers that may appear, that we acknowledge. With every obsessive repetition of this question, the answers become altered.

The attempt to find that solid "I" of my persona, detached from an always changing empirical reality, makes me think of the impossibility of ever finding it. After all I am a chameleon in an almost infinite mass of other chameleons. I can easily imagine that my "I" is nothing more than what is left after the "others" have exhausted me. The contact with the others, the relation to them, their comparison with me, their usual, their rules dictate the reality in which I have to live. Actually, the others "live me".

After all I am always the same, the same sole and unique identity which, paradoxically, I fail to define, to see, to feel.

© Copyright: Cristian Stan