hollow land

Hollow land: nothing else but places that something/someone has passed through, leaving a sign, a trace of its presence. It's about traces.
Hollow land is an idea on:

isolation, that exercise which involves the movement of a single articulation. Abandonment. Open spaces.
alienation, an idea of depersonalization. Melancholy is the investigation of an alienation that exorcized the Other, thus receiving an apocalyptic trait both through the metaphysic and somatic presentiment of the end of an identity.
solitude, uncovers an objective, austere and disappointing reality that overwhelms the soul, condemning it to endless solitude. Catching the open spaces. nothing happens in solitude or in silence.
madness, persistent distortion of the previous intellectual level.

Our reluctance toward the search for particularities of the modern feeling of loneliness, observation of the fact that one of the topos through which modernity flatters itself permanently, is, on top of everything, individualism.
Individualism represents an ideology through which modernity was trying to justify its true discovery - solitude, melancholy as an expression of solitude, isolated self on the island of its own certitude. Open spaces caught by the camera, traces of a presence, memory, history of souls.


  © Copyright: Cristian Stan