born in 1974, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania

selected group exhibitions
- 2005 "Capturing Utopia", Fournos Centre for Digital Culture, Athens, Greece
- 2005 "Identity Factories", Bucharest Biennale 1, Bucharest, Romania. Curator: Eugen Radescu
- 2005 "Identity Factories", International Photo Salon, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Country Curators: Razvan Ion & Eugen Radescu
- 2004 "The Coolest Thing I Ever Did", Sidney, Australia. Curator: Rebecca Cannon
- 2003 Orange, photography, Orange Studio, Bucharest, Romania

selected work on publications
- UN+ONE eZine, Barcelona, January 2005
- ART-hoc, winter 2004-2005
- artlines b&w almanach, issue two, Bucharest, February 2004
- nukontrast magazine, issue four, Bucharest, February 2004

- Eugen Radescu, "About how the others live me", ART-hoc, winter 2004-2005
- Didi Stefanescu, interview, improved mag, issue one, January 2005